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The world of Anne-Claire Petit is a happy world. With recognizable colour schemes and ‘feel good’ products, ranging from an extended animal family to baby toys, from deco objects to furniture and from cushions to wallets. In the turmoil of present times, Anne-Claire sees it as her personal goal to cherish traditional textile techniques by creating modern objects for contemporary homes.
from one bear to 250+
Looking at today’s collection of more than 250 objects, it is hard to believe that the present collection originates from a fashion accessories brand and actually started in 2002 with one single bear. 
the hand of the designer
Every season Anne-Claire Petit strives to offer products that are new and different, but always recognizable. While it sounds like a big step going from shawls, hats and bags to bears, dogs and toys, Anne-Claire's hand is clearly recognisable in all of her designs. This also holds for the bigger objects for the home that have been added over the last few years.
ACP colours
Defining the brand can not be done without looking at its specific colour schemes. Anne-Claire: “The power of colour is not to be underestimated. It greatly determines the way a shape is perceived. By using new tones in new patterns an animal or item can evoke a new emotion.”
all over the world
The ACP collection is presently sold in hundreds of shops and department stores, in more than 40 countries around the world.
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