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Inspired by family and designed for it...

Gabrielle Paris naturally developed a kid's collection! Duvet covers, cushions, sleepers and blankies, we are playing with colors with lots of love!
A home full of light and vibrant colors, timeless and contemporary.
This interior in « French style », refined and classy, inspired and created in function of family life.
A collection of table & bed linen, cushions and plaids.
No compromises here! We only work with the highest quality products available on basis of production and environment. The linen and cotton fibers we select, their weaving, their weight combined with our particular finish return our products unique. These products offer an easy solution for everyday needs. A permanent, timeless collection for essential needs.
A new temporary « capsule » in limited edition, « Be Light » for this season.
Different atmospheres, especially created to adapt to the different moods of your home. This is GABRIELLE’s spirit...


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