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Use a tail to mark your place in your personal planner. These cute animals will brighten up any book or notebook.  

Designer Comment:
I'm always thinking of ways to make parts of everyday life a little more fun.
I hope to find more ways to brighten up people's lives in the future.
I created a series of bookmarks in the shapes of animals.
They are just little items to help you relieve a bit of stress.
They'll stick with you and help you relax when you need a break.
Animal Bookmark Introducing a series of fun animal partners for your favorite book or notebook.
They use their long tail to mark your place in a book of the day’ s appointment.

W32 to 51 × 19 to 37mm

~15g (with Packaging)

Pig Skin, Leather, Glass, Stainless Steel

Take Care:
Water will damage the product
Do not use for pages thicker than 1.5mm
Do not pull on the tail