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Filibert Fish - Music Box



Filibert Fish is a music lover.
He is hand-made from organic plant fibers and french golden yarn (lurex). He have a music box inside.
When you pull on the baby fish the music starts !
Not just any one kind of music, it's the famous song from Charles Trenet "la mer"!

To create Filibert, it takes a lot of skill and patience.
+ 6 hours of work,
+ 140 meters of 100% organic cotton yarn,
+ 140 meters of 100% lurex,
+ 80 gr of cotton flower,
+ 1 music box to sing,
and much, much, much love.

Filibert is suitable for children from birth.  
He measures 10 cm in height and 22 cm in diameter.
He is natural and hypoallergenic.