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Puzzle Polarbear



We make a solid puzzle, so that small hands easier to take.
By puzzle modeling and color, this is a good material for kids to learn "whole" and "part".

Do not need any special reason, the child is like the puzzle.
They are simply enjoying the fun of the puzzle,
One after another,
Slowly put together the picture of the whole picture.
In the moment of completing the puzzle,
The joy of the child is unmatched.
Puzzle is an intellectual activity,
Need eye, hands and brain coordination and cooperation.
Children not only rely on the eyes to identify puzzles,
Also need both hands to touch and feel.
in the future,
This experience will help the child.

Wood puzzles that bring animals into the world of children; in a double-edged way to attract them.
The first layer of logs background, let the children first understand the animal itself.
The second layer is the original natural environment of animals introduced to the children.

The puzzle is made of wood with a thickness of nearly two centimeters,
Easy to grasp the child's little hands.
Natural wood touch, delightful colors ...

Size: 25x20x2.5cm
Weight: 830g
Material: pine + birch plywood