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Baby born only waving hands and feet, one or two months after the practice of hand grasping.
If this stage can provide the appropriate rattles:
Soft sound and the baby's small hand can grasp the size,
The baby will be able to experience through their own hands, waving bells sound.
When the baby can follow the song beat, is the child's first music rhythm.
Each hand to create the hand bell, the use of different wood with a variety of shapes, showing elegant lines and feel.

[Wooden hand bell - lollipop]
Size: 8.5x3.5x3.5cm
Weight: 26g
Material: walnut + oak + beech + maple + iron beads

[Wooden hand ringing bell]
Size: 8.5x3x3cm
Weight: 23g
Material: walnut + oak + beech + maple + iron beads