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Shupua Cup Clear - Silicone

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These cups and glasses may look like real glass, but they are actually made of flexible silicone. Even if you drop them, they won't break! Our high-quality shupua series is safe and practical for people of all ages, including small children! Any time. Any place. Any age. Everybody can enjoy shupua!
As shupua cups and glasses conduct minimal heat, you can hold hot and cold drinks in them with no problems. Condensation is also dramatically reduced, so you can say goodbye to those irritating condensation rings! The shupua range can be safely used wherever regular glasses and cups may be unsuitable. As they are flexible and won't break, they are ideal for use at parties and kids' events. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use, too. Heavy enough to resist the wind, and with plenty of grip to prevent sliding, shupua cups and glasses are perfect for picnics, camping, barbecues, and much, much more!